My Top 10 Bloggers! – Who Should Read Them and Why

My favourite PR Bloggers – and why you should read them!

Calling all PR novices! Read on to find out my ten favourite bloggers and why you should be reading them too!

Growing up in the era of the millennium, social and digital avenues were progressively developing, which meant social media and bloggers were on the rise. I have always been interested in fashion and culture, therefore, without further ado, here are the fashion PR blogs I have come across and enjoy reading – PR Couture, Style Bubble and nycPRgirls.

If you’re well versed in the PR industry, I would recommend checking out PR Couture; an inclusive website and blog, offering PR fashion juniors the chance to catch up on industry news. Their contributors to the blog are Wendy Vasquez, and PR and marketing strategist and Sydney Mintle, who both have tonnes of industry experience in retail and social media. What you can expect to find is well-penned articles, also by other fashion industry PR and interviews with experts in the field, an array of career guidance and how-to resources, as well as information about associated activities like digital marketing and social media. Parts of the website are geared slightly towards PR professionals, publicists, and designers, as it aims to keep those in the line of work up to date in the fashion industry. With over 46k Instagram followers, the company also provides an email newsletter that comes out every Friday. Sign up now and thank me later.

For my international readers, I have found an alternative!  Meet nycPRGirls, two New York girls behind the blog with over 5 years PR industry experience and a frantic obsession with fashion. Their blog has featured in PR Daily and Independent Fashion Bloggers. It focuses on guys and gals with a keen interest in fashion, and in kick-starting  their career plans. The blog also offers great advice for start-ups and may hold the key to your many industry-focused questions. Take a scroll through the blog – you’ll be sure to catch fashion fever.

Style Bubble is a fashion and culture blog, written by Susanna Lau and started in 2006. Susanna writes about personal experiences and observations about fashion, focusing on young and unknown talent. She has previously written for Elle and a lot of her content bounces off of styles from the runway. I would say her blog post calls out for fashion lovers – short writing pieces and heavy on photography!

Our next stop is LiveLaughLove PR by Livi Wilkes a freelance PR consultant. What’s great about her blog is that you can ask her any industry-related questions through the ask box and she posts her answer on the blog. There is a lot of useful content, including useful advice for new PR students and ‘5 steps to finding your niche’. I enjoy the creative content and the genuinity from her blogs, and would recommend PR start-ups to head her way!

If you’re into digital marketing, there are blogs such as Future buzz by Adam Singer, an analytics advocate at Google. His blog post is so fitting! You can expect to find buzz around the web and notable quotes from masters of media. On his website, he states, “Everyone from entrepreneurs at startups to marketing leaders at major corporations will find value in the content here” – I totally agree.

Stuart Bruce is also an expert in digital comms and a trainer to modernise public relations. He is an international PR advisor and takes a left-wing political stance. He has a broad range of media coverage from the Financial Times to The Drum. His advice is great for those interested in public relations/public affairs.

Stratechery, founded by Ben Thompson is a great tech blog focusing on strategy and business. He has previously worked for tech giants Apple and Microsoft, focusing on strategy, developer relations, and marketing. You can also find that the blog offers a podcast and email subscription so that you won’t ever miss a read. I would encourage all to take a scroll through his blog just be careful of tantalising your tech-buds.

All Things IC is blogged by Rachel Miller, who is an internal communications expert. Her blog offers great advice for readers who may consider working in-house, lots of free articles to read, and she also  offers blogging tips. She has a Twitter following of 42k+. Sidenote, if you’re not reading her blog – follow her on Twitter!

Green Banana is a blog by Heather Yaxley which highlights best practice in academic and vocational public relations. She focuses on the dos and don’ts of social media and networking and often writes thoughtful pieces on historic periods.

The Bulldog Reporter remains a hub for PR, views and news. The web page holds a bunch of industry-related articles, edited press releases and profiles of PR peeps. This is recommended for start-ups and those newly in the industry.

So to round off, these are the list of PR blogs/bloggers I have read or come across. There are of course hundreds of others out there. My top tip as always – research on industries you have a passion for, search for bloggers who have grounded morals and ethics, and most importantly, create your own list of favourites and get following!


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